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2.国家自然科学基金委员会,面上项目,81773910,基于3D细胞生物电传感模型的中药复方固体制剂溶出、吸收与效应同步评价研究, 2018-01至2021-12,57万元(人民币),已结题,参与。



5.美国NIH Research Project Grant Program (R21),1R21CA252344-01,Renal Cell Carcinoma Surveillance by Immuno-Lipoplex Nanoparticle Platform,2020/06-2022/05,46万(美金),在研,主持(PI)

6.美国NIH Research Project Grant Program (R21),1R21AR075318-01A1,RNA Delivery to Neutrophil by Nanochannel Electroporation for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) Therapy,2019/07-2021/06,46万(美金),已结题,参与(Co-I)

7.美国NIH Research Project Grant Program (UG3),1UG3TR002884-01,Microfluidics Arraybased Sorting, Isolation, and RNA Analysis in Single Extracellular Vesicles,2019/07-2021/06,200万(美金),已结题,参与(Co-I)

8.美国NIH Research Project Grant Program (U01),5U01CA213330-01,Extracellular Vesicles in Small Cell Lung Cancer Early Detection,2017/06-


9.美国NIH Research Project Grant Program (R33),1R33CA225380-01,Molecular Beacon Based Extracellular mRNA and Protein Detection for Early Cancer Diagnosis,2017/07-2021/06,159万(美金),已结题,参加

10.美国德州政府(CPRIT),RR180017,Designing Immune Nanomedicine for Cancer Immunotherapy,2018/09-2023/08,200万(美金),在研,参加

11.美国NIH Research Project Grant Program (R01),1R01CA190740-01A1,Molecular Mechanisms of Cachexia in Lung Cancer,2015/06-2020/05,180万(美金),已结题,参加


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Featured News: Functional Extracellular Vesicles Aplenty.Nature Biomedical Engineering, 2020,4(1): 9-11

2.Y. You*, Y. Tian*,Z. Yang*, J. Shi, K. Kwak, Y. Yong, et al. Engineering mRNA-loaded extracellular vesicles for aging associated protein replacement therapy.Nature Biomedical Engineering, 2022,accept(*共同一作,影响因子29.2)

3.S. Dong, Y. Bi, X. Sun, Y. Zhao, R. Sun, Y. Sun, Y. Wang,Z. Yang#, W. Jiang#, L. Teng#. Dual-loaded liposomes tagged with hysluronic acid have synergistic effects in triple negative breast cancer.Small, 2022, e2107690.(#通讯,影响因子15.2)

4.X. Liu, A. Zhang, Y. Ma, L. Hua,Z.Yang#, S. Wang#. Robust three-dimensional nanotube-in-micropillar array electrodes to facilitate size independent electroporation in blood cell therapy.Lab on a Chip, 2021, DOI:10.1039/x0xx0000x(#通讯,影响因子7.5)

5.J. Wang, Q.Liu, H. Xie,Z.Yang#, H. Zhou#. Boosted EfficientNet: Detection of lymph node metastases in breast cancer using convolutional neural networks.Cancers, 2021, 13: 661(#通讯,影响因子6.6)

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